About Us

Senconix Sdn Bhd was formed in early 2022 as a result of the more than 20 years of knowledge and experience from the shareholders, who have a business desire to further promote and develop strings of high-quality industrial communication and energy transfer medium.

We collaborate with reliable global partners to supply wide range of quality components to match the demand of respective machine manufacturers in different industries.

What We Do

Your 1-Stop
Solution Partner

We arrange an integrated set of actions taken to identify specific range of products that serve the needs of a particular segment like OEM and related industrial segments.

Benefitting from the new EBeam manufacturing facility, our company prepares to sell breakthrough cable products, such as Solar, Automotive, and much more. By having a Co-branding relationship with Cyprium Wire Technology, we can cumulatively achieved innovative products of exceptional quality to help customers create marketing synergy.

Our business model revolving around our core competencies to consult and supply materials related to industrial cables and peripheral interfaces to pursue alongside with our customers through innovation.

Our Goals


We strive to offer our stakeholders sustainability


To seek and to become a reliable partner in industrial communication


Creativity-Empathy-Trust Cooperation-Commitment

Who Are Our Customer

We focus mainly on direct sales to the OEM market thus building the relationship on the business level which is an integrated and coordinated set of commitments relevant to technological sales.

We employ a focus differentiation strategy that utilize our core competencies to serve the needs of a particular industry segment. Through the lens of collaborative advantage, our marketing isn’t just about telling the right story – it’s about creating the right parts for our customers.

Who Are Our People

Our sales engineers are trained to explain increasingly complex industrial products and create values for customers by using the focused cost leadership strategy or the focused differentiation strategy.

Dedicated team members are assigned to particular market segments, to develop cohesiveness with

respective client in solving their engineering needs

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